I wonder how biology can explain the physical pain you feel in your chest when all you want to do is be with someone.

Dan Howell  (via tellmefive)


y’all getting really specific like “where are all the indie boys with messy shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes who are between 6’ and 6’4 whose favourite vampire weekend album is contra but knows mvotc is their best album and drinks their coffee black with 3.2 sugars and smokes cheap cigarettes on a balcony at 2:23 am” like….. chill

You control your own happiness

the best thing I ever realized (via enhancers)


Winona Ryder in Reality Bites (1994)


You not finding me attractive is not going to stop me from being attractive.


Bishop’s flower


sometimes i think im too obsessed with my own blog

HAIM for Nylon magazine


if you put “man” at the end of any sentence its AUTOMATICALLY platonic

"i love you, man."

"stay with me forever, man."

"fuck me hard in the ass, man."